Marijuana Should We Legalize?

@Dropey (213)
United States
January 4, 2008 1:36am CST
So lets have at it. I know this topic can be touchy for some people, but with the elections right around the corner, I think it should be discussed. My opinion is to legalize it. There is so much money that could be made and saved if it were legal. Savings Example: It would take non violent offenders out of prison. We are paying for them with our taxes to be locked up over Marijuana. Law Enforcement could concentrate on more important issues in the community, and violent offenders. Making Money: There is a huge amount of money to make off of Marijuana. Not only from taxes but it would open up a new material that could be sold, Hemp. It has so many uses its ridiculous. Paper, Clothing, and even an Alternative Fuel. Its stronger, longer lasting, grows rapidly, and cheap to farm. Also Marijuana is, in my opinion, so much more safe than the legalized drugs we have now. Such as tobacco and alcohol. Do you know anyone who has died from smoking or ingesting Cannabis? And there is a medical benefit to it. The only thing alcohol does is kill your liver, and tobacco gives you cancer among many other things. What do you guys think? Pros and Cons but only facts please.
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