coping up with stress

January 4, 2008 4:21am CST
I usually take a lot of sleep to relax myself.. or maybe go to the spa and have a massage which I have done seldom now.. how about you?
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@youless (101985)
• Guangzhou, China
5 Jan 08
When I am under a pressure, I tend to talk with my husband. Maybe he can't help me much, but at least I can release my stressful feelings. Usually talking is my way to set free the stress.
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@musicman6 (2390)
• United States
5 Jan 08
You know I actually relieve stress by being so busy! I don't know what it is, but staying busy just keeps me from thinking about getting stressed! It's been a long time, I can't even remember how long ago it has been since I was even closely stressed! I just seem to take everything in stride, and don't get excited about anything! Of course I've never had a massage, but I think those treatments could get habit-forming!
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@Ravenladyj (22920)
• United States
13 Jan 08
It depends on what it is i'm stressed about really..If its something small then I just need to have a bit of time to myself so it can pass on its own...The larger the source the more I need to do ranging from taking time outside or away from ppl to doing a major hardcore workout and so on
@chrislotz (8200)
• Canada
11 Jan 08
I don't deal with stress very well. I am learning to and I am getting better with it, but I still have problems with it. Because of the stress level I live with everyday it has affected my health. I am learning to do the breathing thing and I take hot bubble baths and I have a trick my chiropractor has shown me. Two tennis balls in a sock and rub it against my back between my back and the wall. This has helped with my headaches. I want to start doing yoga because people say this helps relieve stress.