Does Motorola L6i has expandable memory?

@niicks (224)
January 4, 2008 4:54am CST
No, Motorola L6i memory cannot be expanded. It has an internal memory of 10mb. 1.3 mega pixel camera. In 10 mb you can always have 3 -4 ringtones, 9-12 games, 1-2 videos of not more than 500-600kb you will find them because clips for mobiles are made specially small in size!, rest 3-4 mb can be used to store pics that you click from the camera! So basically this you do not need an extendible memory, if you cannot buy a high end phone. L6i has a RADIOalso, so you do not need that extra space for your music! L6i is the best phone in its class!
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