how do you add a video in your website using html?

January 4, 2008 9:44am CST
Do you know of the formats that the web supports? if ever, how could I obtain the said format? what are torrents? i really don't understand it..please help me :p
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• United States
5 Jan 08
If you notice, for the majority of websites out there- if you see a video that you truely like, there is usually the HTML code for the video. Otherwise, what you can do is download the video onto the internet. People love to use the program PHOTOBUCKET, because of the convience that it offers. Make sure that the format for the video follows the guidelines of PHOTOBUCKET. I believe it to be either WMA, or QUICKTIME format, however I am not sure. Once you create your account, upload it on photobucket. Then copy the HTML code from there and paste it onto your website. I hope that helped you some. As for torrents, torrents are multi-layer compressed files of one particular program. What an individual does is sector, or split, the size of a program into seperate sections. Now these sections work cohesively together, however they function as seperate. The reason why someone would want to do this is that is saves a lot of space on their hard drive, or when it comes to downloading, the file is smaller and thus does not take as long. Programs such as winRAR and Winzip can form a torrent simply by compressing the file of your choice, then compressing it once more. As for this explaination, I hoped it helped you as well.