Who do you think is better?? ITachi or Sasuke

United States
January 4, 2008 9:55am CST
Keep in mind that sasuke is trained by Orochimaru ***SPOILERS***(And also killed him) I Itachi is better ... But of course to make a better story sasuke will kill him
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• United States
8 Jan 08
obviously itachi is better. its not like sasuke was the only one to get stronger over the years. it'd be a huge upset if sasuke beat itachi.
• United States
9 Jan 08
thanks for the response!! Sasuke will eventually kill him... I think Sasuke is better now that hes gotten all those new moves from orochimaru..
@tomoe_spy (260)
• Philippines
2 Feb 08
sasuke may be stronger now since he was trained by oro, but IMO still itachi will pawn or has an advantage compared to him, since itachi has more experience than sasuke plus itachi was trained by madara
@Darusman (21)
• Indonesia
28 Jan 08
I prefer Itachi. He is Uchiha madara's student and you know Madara is th founder of uchiha clan. Itachi Wipe out all his clan with the help of madara it's that awesome? And Itachi posessed The ultimate doujutsu MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN!!!
• Mexico
26 Jan 08
its like this: Itachi is the only one who can beat Uchiha Madara we also know that Uchiha Madara was the most powerfull Uchiha ever!! so if you profit that in the Sasuke and Itachi Itachi will win at least that Sasuke Makes his cursed seal lvl 3 that would be great!! but i think they are not going to fight to long something is going to happen and itachi and sasuke will not be fighting to much.