FA Cup Watford v Palace

United States
January 4, 2008 10:29am CST
I read that Neil Warnock, manager of Crystal Palace is talking about resting first team players and playing some of the youngsters for the FA Cup trip to Watford. If Palace are doing this, then what does it say for the FA Cup? We know the big teams will be doing this, but, I assume a team like Palace are looking at the FA Cup and deciding that there is no way they can win it, let alone win the Watford away game, so, instead they are looking at an outside chance of promotion to the Premiership as priority. Considering that promotion could be worth as much as 50m pounds, I can see why. I think English Football would benefit if the "payouts" from TV were based on an overall position, whereby, finishing 6th in the league, 3rd in the League Cup and winning the FA Cup would pay out more than coming 3rd in the Premiership and getting knocked out in both cups in the first rounds. Thoughts?
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