Belated Merry Christmas everyone! (",)

@sr0415 (1140)
January 4, 2008 10:03pm CST
Belated Happy Birthday, Papa Jesus! :) Yo, yo! Geeee... got so much to say here, but errr... for the last couple of hours since I logged in, all I did was to read messages and to transfer some of my mails to my personal folders for later readings. I was out of the "Internet world" for a month! ...and I'm catching up. (but I think the hours I planned on spending on the net for today won't be enough.) ahihi.... Hmmm... My life? With God's continued guidance, overflowing wisdom and unconditional love, life has been good since the day I finally said "Yes!" to His request. :) I was back home last Saturday night and is enjoying my Christmas vacation. (I'll be leaving again on Sunday afternoon.) I was planning to just stay home and spend time with my family. But the day after I arrived, I went to our BLD Christmas party. I went home at 1am. LOL.... :) And hours today, I'll go attend another party. Then another one, on the 26th, and 27th. :) And also, when some of my friends will arrive home, so probably, that's gonna be another party which will be for the New Year. ahihi.... :) *** I already have a copy of Harry Potter 7 since it was published, but I haven't read it because I never read the 6. And thankfully! My bro borrowed Book 6 and right now, it's eating my siesta time! hehe... :) What else? What else? Hmmmm.... hehehe... Merry Merry Christmas everyone! Mwaaah! =)
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@carpenter5 (6782)
• United States
10 Jan 08
I'm gglad you had a good Christmas. We did as well. We were traveling on new year's eve so we didn't get to go to any parties. we did watch fireworks when we were coming through some little town in west texas. They were kind of cool.
@secretbear (19448)
• Philippines
5 Jan 08
hi sr! (again ^__^;;) looks like you're having a lot of fun with your life right now. good for you. ^__^ and you haven't read Book 7 of HP?? would you like me to give you some spoilers?? LOL just kidding. i won't ruin the suspense for you. but i'm assure you, you'll be wanting for more. ^__^ belated happy holidays to you too! ^__^