Do you really have to mark best response?

January 5, 2008 10:46pm CST
I just wondered about this question and not all discussions posted are answered by mylotters in the best way. I mean, some don't even stick with the topic and answer just for the sake of answering. Do we really have to mark best response in each discussion so that it wouldn't be put in unresolved discussions? How does unresolved discussions affect our earnings anyway?
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@chrislotz (8200)
• Canada
12 Jan 08
I don't believe marking best response helps our earnings or the earnings of the receipant. It only helps the other persons rating. If you want your discussion to not be in the unresolved catagory than yes, you need to mark the best response. I am glad you wrote this discussion because I am way behind in doing mine and I will have to take a look and mark them. I like a neat and clean house, so I want them done.
@cupid74 (11388)
• Pakistan
8 Jan 08
Hi dear no u dont have to mark every duiscussion with Best Response if u dont like if u really think that some one post is relevant to topic and really good then tag it with BR i am sure it dont effect ur earning as earning is based on posting and attaching pics, its just ur rating Take care
• China
6 Jan 08
I will just mark good response to whom provide a new or best idea to the discussion, but comment all response. I don't know if unresolved discussions affect our earnings on mylot, but I will ignor it because my main goal joined here is learning english. I will spend most of my time on other people's discussions unless I meet a real question and want to solve right now.
@musicman6 (2402)
• United States
6 Jan 08
I mark the best response to mine, because there is usually a good post that I like, so I choose it! But I do know that if you give it more time, you will get more different discussions!
@raijin (10371)
• Philippines
6 Jan 08
I do believe that it is important, the real problem there would be the "choosing" of which best suits you as to who answers best. In most cases, I choose those of which I believe have provided ideas way beyond to my expectations. Not only they agree, but have pointed out even those of which I didn't knew. I also comment under that response, to simply give a feedback on their views over my topic. Giving a best response as to what I knew, would definitely boost other members to provide more informations and be challenged to give their best opinions as possible. It also has something to do with the earnings, as it was stated under the DRS (Discussion Ratings System).
@mummybec (685)
• Australia
6 Jan 08
I am also new, so would be interested in the answer to this... I see the "mark as best response" I assume you dont HAVE to choose any for it but you have the option to do so