Do You Like to Read Literary Works?

January 6, 2008 10:06am CST
Do you like to read literary works? I like literature,and I like to read literary works, especially novels. As a Chinese, I like best to read Chinese novels, especially,traditional ancient novels, but I also like to read novels written by western writers. I like to read novels written by Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Anny Bronte, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, O Henry, etc. I also like to read poems. The poems written by Robert Frost are my favorite ones. How about you? Can you share your feeling to literature with me?
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7 Jan 08
I read poetry and sometimes short stories, I really don't read to many long books because I have a way of making the story up myself when they bore me and good ones I can read but I get put off by getting addicted. so generally i don't ~Joey
• China
7 Jan 08
Really you have a good way of reading novels. Maybe in future you can become a famous novelist! And I am very pleased that you like poetry. I like poetry, too, so we can talk more about poetry. Whi is your favourite poet?
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7 Jan 08
Williams wordsworth I like many poets, i find a close source with unknown poets slightly more than those who are famous. I actually attempted to run a site dedicated to poetry and art but members lost interest. Kudos, ~Joey
• China
13 Jan 08
Do you write poems yourself? Will you show some of your works to me? I like to read poems very much.
• Canada
1 Feb 08
Litery works are just about the only kind of books i read. Even though i do read other types of books from now and again i would defintly say that literature type novels are my favorite. Authors like Hemingway, Dickens, Salinger, and so many more i could go on forever. I also like to read book that are originally in my parents native langueage, spanish. This is becasue i find it helps my vocaublary vastly as i myself am not a native speaker and i rather read a novel myself as opposed to reading somone else's tanslation whenever possible.