United States
January 6, 2008 11:48am CST
My wife and I were watching this movie a while back and I am interested in writing songs and recording them, so, the wife turns to me and says "I could write lyrics to your music" I was pleased as her grasp of English and writing is very good, while my lyrics are a step up from terrible. Anyone, to date she has supplied me a few words on a song I was composing, with me coming up with the rest. My wife has since decided she can only write lyrics for country songs, which I do not do.
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• Canada
7 Jan 08
My computer is really screwed up and didn't record the response I made to your discussion. This pc as been wasting my time all night. So here goes in short form. Basicly what I said was my husband wrote a song for our wedding that we sang to each other. People thought it was so good we should make a cd of it. We never did. I would love to see you give this a go and succeed in getting it published. I hope your wife gives this writing another try. I understand about the country thing I love country to and would find it easier to write but maybe she will surprise herself.
• United States
7 Jan 08
I would love to produce and sell some of my songs, but, the reality of it is that I am not a good enough singer, so, I still record and produce them, but, generally they end up in a drawer somewhere!
@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
6 Jan 08
Wow, that must be fun though you have a hard time finishing it, and I hope that you do end up with a good song!;) It's a good thing you get to share with someone your passion, that how I wish I have one. But I also love music, I can relate to any type of song as long as it makes sense. I have some lyrics of my own as well, but those were just made for fun and some were just songs which I reworded from original ones (sort of humorous songs). I wish I can even make one that I can call my own, I guess I'm just lacking of some inspiration to dedicate it to..
• United States
7 Jan 08
Thanks for responding. Don't despair! Writing songs isn't very hard at all. What is hard is writing one that will be a hit! I only write songs for my own satisfaction these days as I gave up playing in a band many moons ago.
@jhl930 (3605)
• United States
28 Feb 08
awww i bet that will be hard then if all that you wife can write is lyrics to country songs and you don't like to do country music...I personally do like country music alot so we could probably be a great writing pair because I know what kind of music makes it in the country she could proabably go along way..
@youless (98955)
• Guangzhou, China
7 Jan 08
You have a very nice wife. I think this will be the best song for you:)