Veet-Reckitt Benckiser

January 7, 2008 1:54pm CST
My daughter,17 years , is in treatment of depression and their condition worsened much after what happened: A few months ago I bought " veet Reckitt Benckiser" to her and she used as instructed and under my supervision. We did the test and has not given any reaction and expected time indicated she used the cream because i checked the validity and she was with skin clean and dry. Later the skin was irritated , red and hot. The following day .. skin was darkened ,irreparably tarnished by a ugly brown. I spend the rest of year buying clear creams but not worked. This fact worsened the Her'situation depressive and self-esteem. It is very sad to see a young 17 year old, beautiful, healthy , intelligent like this... She can not go to the beach or use a dress without sleeves in the hot summer of Brazil. I send mail the Company Reckitt Benckiser and the attendant told me I looking for a doctor and them came into contact. I wait...We need at least 6 sessions of Laser to lighten the horrible stain. And now Reckitt Benkiser??? I want to know how i will do??My daughter is already full of complex. She has clear skin armpits. I am outraged.
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