which blends do you like more your national one or foreigners?

January 7, 2008 4:48pm CST
usually when you decide to shop some famous or less brands which you like more your national or foreigners oone?and why you like more one quality?price?design?nationalism?:)
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@xuyuting (72)
• China
8 Jan 08
i like national.national one is more beautiful and also very cheap
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@dlsheng (136)
• China
17 Jan 08
quality first. but i think we would study korea nationalism beacuse korean reject japanese goods.
• Italy
17 Jan 08
mmh..i don't like when nationalsm exclude ,in this case,products just for their nationality!!i think that if a product from japan is good is ok!!beh may be i don't know much about korean nationalism you are talking about!!
@vanities (11409)
• Davao, Philippines
18 Jan 08
i shopped for clothes that i think the price is fair enough regardless of brands..that is depending if it fits good on me and got the budget for it..sometimes here buying local ones are more expensive than the imported ones especially if it is native products..i really dont know why it does..
@kwenge (2489)
• Kenya
17 Jan 08
It depends on what am buying. If it is electronics and cars, I prefer Japan, if it is food stuffs I prefer national ones. Every nationality has what it manufactures or produces best so we have to mix the brands.
@nkhanna (925)
• India
17 Jan 08
well i just like having quality products for anything,be it clothes or gadgets.i can pay if the thing is really worth of and gives me satisfaction.for me nationalism does not really matters since onw its an age of globalization .quality for me is the essence.be it national brand or international i will pay if i see a good quality product.