we can not trust and worry God at the same time

@meetas (36)
January 7, 2008 8:21pm CST
peace should be the normal state of mind for us as believer in jesus christ.One of the blessng jesus came to give us is His peace.However ,very few of god's people ae enjoying that peace of their daily lives. many christians are familier with the bible has to say about not being anxious,but a lot of believrs don't know how to do what the scripture instruct.we often so accustomed to responding in a normal way to the ciecumtances we experinces in life ,that we spend much of time living in anxiety and tormoil.As christian we need to realize that a life of peace should be our normal state . God's plan for our lives is that we should be full of peace ,joy and hope -no matter what our circumtances .a life full of these things is one of our greatest testimonies in an unbelieving world.
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