australian cricketin behaviour

January 8, 2008 11:22am CST
australian cricketing sense has gone down to shitpot level.
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• Australia
9 Jan 08
Hello What happened in Sydney was a disgrace. I have lost all respect for Ponting, and Clarke in particular. However, there are many things at work here. I do not think that Australia should have reported Harbajan as Wasim Akram says, it makes them look like cry-babys. However, I think there was a lot of latent feeling after the recent India series when Simons was ttargetted by the crowd. Australia were a disgrace, and I was ashamed of their behaviour,
• Australia
13 Jan 08
I believe the whole issues in sydney were blown well and truly out of proportion. The test in of itself despite some umpiring mistakes was a hard fought close contest between two evenly matched sides which ended in a classic finish. Lets not forget all that long ago Darren lehmann was suspended for a racial slur after certain comments made during a test match and was as a consequence suspended and rightly so. We are talking about the best of the best pitting their skills in a highly competitive enviroment and at times those competitive juices can overflow. This Australian cricket team have proven that they are human and at times will make mistakes just like their opponents will do and as well officials will do. The game is greater than any one team or any one individual and as far as overall respect and admiration in way these players bounce back from adveristy I believe this Australian team stand up there with the best :)