On-Line Bullies???

@BlackBay (584)
January 8, 2008 2:54pm CST
Have you or your child had any experiences with online-bullies and if so How Did you handle it? On Dr.Phil today a mother lost her 13yr. daughter to suicide from an On-line Bully. If find this shocking!
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@sharone74 (4838)
• United States
14 Jan 08
I think that the world is becoming more and more disociative whenit comes to direct contact with other human beings. When peoples lives are "on the net" all of their friends and social interraactions are on the net, they are on the net constantly. This leads to unrealistic ideas and friendships that may be toxic and manipulative. People need to monitor more their children's friends, even the internet ones and they need to talk with their children more. There had to be signs that something was bothering that girl before she killed herself. There always is, a lot of times parents are too busy to deal with the "little things" that arise in their children's lives and so they let things go unchecked longer than they probably should. As in realtime life one should always avoid bullies and if they are truly heinous in their harrassment of you every time that you go online then you must contact an administrator of that site and get that person blocked from contacting you. On most networking and chat browsers there are ways to block people from contacting you that you don't want to talk to. Avail yourself of these tools if and when you are being bullied online. Don't just suffer in silence, but also try not to be overly sensitive to slights and rude people. They don't really know you, they are just people who have some good days and some bad days and bad ways of expressing or venting themselves.
@tanaclark (570)
• United States
8 Jan 08
I heard that story too. The parents of the bully or the bully did not even get in trouble. Instead they blamed the mother. This is some crap. I don't know how I would handle that but I do know that I would not stand by and do nothing.
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