who is right

@meetas (36)
January 8, 2008 3:19pm CST
my mother taugt me that if u want to live a loving and stress free life then u learn to forgive and then to forget ,is she is right?
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@besthope44 (12129)
• India
29 Aug 10
Forgiveness project one as a god..he is equal to god!
8 Jan 08
This is one of those questions where it really does depend on whats done. Its very easy to say you forgive, say a partner whos cheated, but you wouldn't forget, it would surface in times of trouble, bring it up in a row, then its obvious you haven't forgiven either. I don't think you have to forgive and forget for a stess free life. You need to be able to move on from the feelings that come with being betrayed or hurt, not healthy to hold onto anger or guilt or dreams of revenge. This will only eat away at your personality and allow more damage to be done to yourself. Telling whom ever what they've done to you, how hurt you are or how angry, this will able you to let it go quicker, just deal and move on
@Ohara_1983 (4117)
• Kuwait
8 Jan 08
your mom is right sweety, but its up to your heart because your the one will be give an reaction about those thing. forgiveness is the big & good gift to everyone 7 to forget but sometimes it hard to say:)
@SageMother (2277)
• United States
8 Jan 08
There is a grain of truth to that. It's never wise to forgive without being sure the offender knows how you feel about what they did and how your opinion of them has changed. That's just good mental hygiene. I don't think totally forgetting is wise. You must remember the lesson that you have learned to grow as a person in your own right.
• United States
8 Jan 08
I'd have to say she is wrong. But this is just my opinion and I am full of those. Why forgive and forget? The more you forget the more chance you have of someone else doing the exact same thing to you over again that would in turn require your forgiveness. It is one thing if someone steps on your foot. Fine forgive and forget. It is another when someone seriously hurts you physically, spiritually, or emotionally and you are expected to just say "That's Ok. I forgive you." But again, just my opinion.