Question about those survey sites.

United States
January 9, 2008 6:54am CST
Are there really any websites that pay you like $100.00 to take a survey? I have signed up for alot of survey sites adn it takes me months to get even $10.00! Sometimes I see an ad for certain sites that pay ALOT for surveys but I havent been able to come across any.Do they really exist???
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@oscar6 (1939)
• United States
1 Sep 08
You are not going to find a site that pays you a hundred dollars to take one survey. They would lose too much money this way. However I have gotten over a hundred dollar checks from surveyspot for doing a lot of surveys. I also am a member at opinionoutpost. I have made about ninety dollars from them in a year and a half.
@bronie123 (4589)
• United States
10 Jan 08
Well im not really sure as i havnt found any that pay that much but i have found a few survey sites that i earn from - I have made over $60 since i started around the end of November 2007 I have made $19.00 in a month I have made $6.00 I have made $10.00 in a month
• United States
9 Jan 08 is the only one that's promising. They don't pay you hundreds of dollars but it's a dollar here and there and it goes into your paypal account. I've been paid 3 dollars from so far and I have 16 dollars pending. Another one is which pays the same as myview. I've been paid 19 dollars from them so far but it takes a while to accumulate. The other one I'm doing now that hasn't paid me yet but have heard good things about is
@darkness01 (1303)
9 Jan 08
today is your lucky day. Today i received a check for £50 ($100) from the best honest paying survey site on the internet. The minimum payout is 1000 points which is equal to $50 and i reach this every month. The best survey site is Global Test Market.
@nichole1983 (1187)
• Canada
9 Jan 08
I have the same problem with finding those sites. I have found a few that have paid me but nothing like $100 plus. $5 here and there. If you find one please let me know.