why kids and youth today are careless and very disorganized

@modem1 (19)
January 10, 2008 6:42pm CST
a large number of today children and youth lost all kinds of good manners, are very insensitive to others, particularly to their parents, their rooms is a mess,dirty socks are everywhere and dirty underwear seen by the whole visitors who come in the house.. their toys are all broken.... when I was a child I had a big respect for older people, teachers, authorites of all kind... did not have to be punished or threatened to obey.. that the way it was... parents were getting toys they had to be well maintained, put in place, and no other toys if they were misused.. room had to be clean without even considering arguing... My kids who are definetely not the best... are Stars and heroes compared to what I see nowadays, and compared to their classmates what happened to the world?.. kids don't say good morning, don't knock on doors before entering, I feel like an old man who is not satisfied and talk about the old time, I am not old (I hope) what are the reasons.. in my opnion these are the main reasons, media, peer pressure, working mothers, broken families, spoiled kids with too many toys and continuous up to date electronic toys,it is also our psychologist who by encouraging kids to express their ideas .. pushed them to call the police to report their parents overusing the word ABUSE may be also the computer and TV transformed kids and evenj adults to be antisocial and socialize with a machine, rather than friends and family? what else????? and the most important .. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?
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@soorimd (300)
• India
11 Jan 08
each generation is judged by its own stanards and what is right for one generation may not be a stanard for the next one. because we are tuned psychologiclly to a set of ideals we are brainwashed to respect elders knock before entering the room etc. but before that are we as elders behave in a such a way that we deserve the respect?so i think the best solution is leave the new generation to set its own standard for its living than forcing our opinion on them.
@izathewzia (5141)
• Philippines
11 Jan 08
It's because of the fast phase of life. If they will not make it fast, then they will be left behind. But it really depends on the kind of their environment and the way their parents breed them.
@sid556 (30989)
• United States
11 Jan 08
Kids have always been like this to a point. I do think you are right tho. I do think broken families etc. have a big part in why you see this more often than in the past. As a single and working parent, I have had to forfeit many "fun" times with my girls to be a disciplinarian as well. It really isn't easy and all my girls went thru their times of "hating" me. They are decent, hardworking and respectful adults now and best of all we are all very close...something I really didn't see happening when they were younger. I do understand the parents that give in to their kids because so many times I wanted to and second-guessed myself etc...It is not easy at all.
@gkurt08 (233)
• Philippines
11 Jan 08
I noticed that too. I think that children nowadays have no values because they were not taught those. If a parent would teach a child of how to be good or read children stories with moral lessons, then the child would develop a sense of value. Parents nowadays don't have time for their kids anymore. They rely on computer games and televisions to do the work for them. The result is just what kind of kids we have nowadays. Also, why not tell kids about God and how he punishes sinners. That would give them something called "Fear of the Lord" which would mean fear to do something bad.