still watching your weight?

January 10, 2008 8:33pm CST
I think that's too bad to care about your weight everyday.For me it's a nightmare to control your intake every meal while calculate the calory you are taking freedom!!!all anxiety!!!but that's common for teenagers especially young girls.fortunately,i am a boy.I never care how much i am intaking but i am not fat.I am strong and healthy caz I enjoy basketball and keep exercising.I eat every bit of food till i am full.I enjoy the food and i know it is good for my health.But I was never fat caz i keep be active.I get the health and good figure at the same,look the problem of losing weight from another exercise,enjoy your food and you wont be fat.sometimes i dout about their health condition when i see some thin girls.I am sure they keep from being fat just through control their in intake.too bad!!
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• United States
11 Jan 08
I am the same as you. I can eat just about anything I want as long as I stay active and exercise. I agree with you about the girls that are too thin. It is good to be thin and healthy but it is totally different and a little scary to be too thin. They are not healthy. They should eat more. :)
• China
11 Jan 08
yeah,they should eat more .I am sure they will regret when they get old if they keep a life style like that .
@joliefille (3696)
• Philippines
11 Jul 08
It depends on the metabolism of the person also. I do not really like calculating the calories in each meal I am going to take. The stress alone is going to keep me in my same weight. Lol. Good for you because you play basketball. It's quite hard for people who live sedentary lives.