Does anyone else have problems with schools and IEPs?

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January 10, 2008 8:43pm CST
My daughter's IEP was scheduled for early Nov. The school hadn't even started with her yearly testing to see where she's at and how she's doing until Nov. I just go the appt for the end of this month.
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@ch88ss (2270)
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29 Mar 08
THe IEP do you schedule for Nov of last year. Then they are breaking the laws. Try submitting a written request to the school principal or psychologist. Once the written request in in call back the same day to confirm that he/she received unless you physically handed them the letter. Then wait one week call back for progress. They are required by law to schedule an IEP within 50 days from the date you sumbitted your request in writing. Remember to ensure that they are working on getting the IEp ready, make sure the school sends home assessement authorization for you to sign. the assessment could be items such as the academic testing, health evaluation, hearing test etc. You need to sign one for each. I remember when I requested one for my daughter, I first spoke with the teacher about my concerns. She in turn pass my message to the school psychologist. Then within a week I receive forms to sign for an asessment to take place. Within 50 days I receive the IEP. Then before the annual meeting, I was able to request another one due to non-improvement and increase behavior problems at school. And as usual I had to submit it in writing. I would also make myself present to the school principal. Visit the office often so they know who you are and many times you can get a lot done by showing your face in the office once in a while. In my case, it just happened because I had to approach the principal about allowing me in the cafeteria to help my daughter who refused to enter the cafeteria because she is scared. So since then the principal knows me by face. And we keep in touch. I also had my struggle but I believe I would have strugle even more if I did not pressure for the IEP.