does your wife try to talk to you when you go up the stairs?

January 10, 2008 8:47pm CST
why does my wife insist on trying to ask me a question or tell me something when i am halfway up the stairs? every time i have to come back downstairs to ask her what she said, sometimes its annoying and sometimes its funny...married life eh? does your wife/partner talk to you when you are doing something noisy also?
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• Pakistan
11 Jan 08
come on have a heart. try to bear additional 10 steps. not a big deal.
13 Jan 08
not a big deal, just wandered if men found it amusing or annoying.
• Pakistan
14 Jan 08
lol. here is a trick. take everything amusingly.
@patgalca (15904)
• Orangeville, Ontario
11 Jan 08
Since I am a wife, I would like to know why husbands walk away when their wife is talking to them. Huh? Put the shoe on the other foot. It drives me crazy that my husband walks away while I am talking to him. Is what we have to say not of any importance to men? Do they think that only what they say is important? Courtesy and respect are required for a healthy marriage.
11 Jan 08
respect to you and my wife and all women, but i find it funny that most women start to talk as you are halfway up the