what will you do???

@maebelle (190)
January 11, 2008 7:58am CST
what will you if you dont like the boyfriend of your besfriend??
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@Lili2008 (91)
• Canada
11 Jan 08
First of all you must have a reason,why you don't like them anymore?Maybe they said (did) something wrong.,if is this the answer, you must tell them and discuss with your boyfriend(bestfriend).Maybe you are only bored to see them everyday,than don't meet them a while to see if you feel better without them presence in your life. If you are ok ,be nice and explain them the situation,but keep in mind ,a good friend it's hard to find ,therefore you don't give an old friend for a new one. Now , if you cosider that your boyfriend is not your big love,don't worry ,somewhere in this wold your pair soul will find you.GOOD LUCK.