Who Will Be Next

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January 11, 2008 9:17am CST
Gov. Bill Richardson has decided to drop out of the race for President. Who do you think will be the next one to quit? Will the New York City Mayor muck up the races by running for President?
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11 Jan 08
I hope Obama drops out next, but I don't hold my breath on it happening. I don't like the man, don't like how he acts and don't like what he stands for. I'm just worried that he'll get the Dem nomination just because he's black and not for what he stands for or what caucuses he wins or what primaries he wins. If he does win, I'm voting Republican no matter who wins it. But it doesn't matter anyway. the public vote does not count for anything. The electoral college elects the president. And they say we live in a democratic nation.
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14 Jan 08
Thanks for your comment. My husband does not like him either mainly because he is a bit of a "redneck" who doesnt want a black in charge of the country. I did here the man speak at the last convention and thought he was a good speaker. It is interesting how the electoral college is actually the elector of the president. I wish we would have a straight popular vote. Then we would not have the issues and questions we've had in the past. Then again there are some of us who think that the Supreme Court elected our current President.
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@anniepa (27275)
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15 Jan 08
I'm very surprised Dennis Kucinich is still in it. I'm pretty sure the top three Democrats will be in it for the long haul. The remaining Republicans must have a lot of money the like to throw away! Annie