Harbajan’s issue made world cricket unsteady

@subathra (3519)
January 11, 2008 10:11am CST
As far as iam concerned bajji issue would have been sorted out in the field itself.Indian captain Anil Kumble was wise enough to speak to Australian captain Ricky ponting regarding in this matter and he didn’t want to go to high officials.when there was no sound proves to prove to bajji was not guilty. They wouldn’t have been gone to the ICC.Thank god the result was in favour of harbajan.
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@pkc3000 (1266)
• India
31 Jan 08
Australia players and media were outraged by dropping the racial abuse charges against bhajji. Media has also alleged that such judgement due to money power of BCCI and its threatening to boycott the recent series. Australis media also alleged that ICC and appeal commissioner justice john hansan bow down before BCCI. Such allegation against a High court judge of NZ, who is a neutral and impartial, is really unfortunate. Aussie players upset and talked about money power of BCCI. Actually the thing is that symonds provoked bhajji by using wrong languages. Every cricket playing country knows that Indian players are well behaved,disciplined. This has been proved by Team India captain Anil Kumble by dropping the allegation against brad hogg. Everybody was expecting that ponting will behave on similar line but alas it was not happened. From the above it is construed that Australian players are very much indisciplined . ICC should think over it and change their attitude towards Asian country and also to change CoC pkc3000
@subha12 (18449)
• India
18 Jan 08
yes it could have been solved. i think it was not issue at all. Australians made it themselves. Also ICC should have resolved by now. But it is pending after this test.
• India
15 Jan 08
ya it did made the world unsteady coz it was towards the worlds no1 team the australians so when people saw the conspiracy of the australians so for that reason it made the world usteady i think so a team liek aussi should not do stuffs like dis coz it would have a bad impact on their reputation...
@aissha (2036)
• India
14 Jan 08
right here,but it is to be still settled out .lets see what happens when hogg's issue is coming up for hearing up today.
@SHAMRACK (8584)
• India
13 Jan 08
Hi, I hope if sorted out in the field may be other issues may rise and also Indian may be considered bit undignified. Here the matter has been cut from the root itself before it spreads to other players too were Kumble might not be there to help them every time. Here I feel proud of these decision as upholding the dignity of Indian players.