Daughters pre school sends home newsletter

@ersmommy1 (12595)
United States
January 12, 2008 4:20am CST
Basically the newsletter states (paraphrasing here) That a study was done of 4000 children. Ages were birth to 5. Study was on how the effects of nicotine in second hand smoke causes cavaties in baby teeth, Then they studies the children after permanent teeth came in and a certain percent had cavaties too. Now my husband and I don't smoke.But would this inspire you to quit?
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@Sissygrl (10914)
• Canada
12 Jan 08
I quit as soon as i found out that i was pregnant. I had smoked for 10 years. I figure that if i'm going to bring a child into this world, i better give it the best darn fighting chance it can have right!? My hubby still smokes, but he smokes outside. I have had a problem with the neighbours smoking inside a few times though, it really makes me mad that i go to the trouble to quit and my hubby goes outside and freezes his butt off, but they dont have enough respect to go outside when it CLEARLY stipulates in the lease that its a smoke free house!! Those rotten neighbours!
@Sissygrl (10914)
• Canada
15 Feb 08
Thanks for BR :)