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United States
January 12, 2008 11:15am CST
In the midst of this madness, I fight and I struggle. I take the world on and it is too much to juggle. In the end I am left with all of this pain and sorrow, And trying to figure out how I'll repay all that I borrow. I am up to my head in this mess, I don't know what to do. It's too hard to figure out who is fake and who is true. How in the world did my mind end up so corrupt? If someone looks at me wrong then I might erupt. Sometimes I feel like I won't even be able to proceed, Swimming around in the world of hate, anger and greed. If this country is supposed to be about freedom and democracy, Then why do they make it so hard to be free, it is hypocrisy. But maybe I'm just paranoid, that I'll never truly be me, I guess we have all had these thoughts to some degree. So the question becomes, What do we do to change? Is there any way to keep us from feeling so strange? How do I pick up the pieces to my puzzle that I've lost? What do I do to find happiness and at what cost? Maybe these are the keys, they are life's questions. And until we figure them out, we will all have depressions. But the best way to get over this tormenting facade, Is to close your eyes, look up and pray to God. That's how I get my strength to keep carrying on, And I write these words so I don't get too withdrawn. Some may sit there, read this and think i need medication, but making you guys think has become my greatest fascination. I'm okay, I'm fine, I just have my problems in this world at times, and the only way I can express them is through these crazy rhymes.
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• India
13 Jan 08
Hi armstrong, it was nice, just keep it up.Wishing you a Good luck.:)
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• United States
16 Jan 08
Thank you for the kind words, and I will be posting more as soon as possible. Thank you again!