Recipes... do you want to share?

@mummybec (685)
January 13, 2008 12:50am CST
Hello, Like most people at some stage feel I am starting to once again feel like I cook the same meals over and over and am looking for some new recipes to try out... Does anyone want to post thier favorite meal recipes here? If so I will post some of mine too :) Thanks in advance for posting as I would love to try some new ideas with cooking.
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• United States
14 Jan 08
I like to try new recipes myself although I am not so sure if I am a good cook. One of my favorite things since childhood is embutido. It is an Asian dish of ground pork steamed. ingredients: 1 lb ground pork/ beef 3 egss; beaten 1 med onion;minced 1 med carrot;shredded or finely chopped raisins salt pepper cheddar cheese; shredded or sliced in tiny cubes sweet pickle relish hotdogs/ham; chopped 1 hard boiled egg; quartered Combine all ingredients (except for the last one)in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Scoop desired amount of mixture and flatten on a foil. Arrange the quartered egg at the center and roll the foil. Steam for 1 hour. Cool and chill for more than an hour or until the roll is hard enough to slice. You can make more than one roll depending on the size you want to make. Freeze the unused roll. I don't measure things so for salt and pepper, raisins and pickle relish, put desired amount. Hope you like it!
@mummybec (685)
• Australia
18 Jan 08
Thanks so much - I will have to try the recipe one day soon :)
@oliverdt (1959)
• Philippines
14 Jan 08
Sorry My friend, I don't even know how to cook. I don't know why my parents spoiled me in this area. They don't teach me and they don't let me cook in the kitchen. But I'm happy with my wife, she knows how to cook and I don't need to think about it anymore.