Konohamaru in Ben 10

January 13, 2008 2:30am CST
Hey guys, anyone of you watching Ben 10 ? Well in Christmas episode which Uncle Ben became Santa, at the end the other grandpa bring his grandchildren which are Konohamaru team. I wonder if Man of Action loves Naruto too...
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• Mexico
26 Jan 08
yeah thats really true Konohamaru's team already make an appearance on ben 10 show or they just gone after characters?? xD check this out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njc4rKYGn_w&feature=related thats the link from the video of that episode i allready have to write the url because i cant copy paste ¬¬ on discussions.
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@leegrace (111)
13 May 11
Wow this is just awesome episode, Thanks for giving this youtube link to watch this episode. I also watch Ben 10 Online using http://ben10.edogo.com/ you can also try this source to watch it online. trust me this is one of the best resources i have ever got.
@emarie (5442)
• United States
13 Jan 08
yeah. I noticed that A LONG time ago when that episode came out last christmas. It was pretty funny, but who knows why they did it. It was just the looks of Konohamaru's team.
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• Italy
5 Sep 09
I noticed too, welll i saw the video first and for the episode i had to wait something like 2 months. It's some kind of hidden tribute for Naruto i think.
@jnk3dfx (721)
• India
9 Sep 09
May be he is the Fan of konahamaru. Thats why may be he inlucde Konahamaru team in this episode of Ben 10. But i dont understand why in Christmas episode. Anyway, I liked that episode of Ben 10, infact i love all episodes of Ben 10. He hee. Regards, Jnk3dfx.