Royal Rumble Predictions

January 13, 2008 12:09pm CST
Chris Jericho Vs JBL - No Prediction Randy Orton Vs Jeff Hardy - Althoguh I prefer Jeff Hardy to Randy Orton anyday I would L;ike to see Jeff as WWE Champion and make his first World Title reign, and make him an underdog of some sort like Mysterio. Although I cant see WWE making Jeff World Champion yet, if ever. I would like it, but I dont see it Happening. MVP Vs Ric Flair - I can see Flair winning this match. I have read before he plans on retiring after WM 24. They shoyuld have 2 stipulations in this match wehre if MVP wins he retires Flair but if Flair wins he gets the US title, but they ahvent done that. Anyway, I can see flair winning. Rey Mysterio Vs Edge - I personally can't see Rey winning the World Title in this PPV, and mabye not for a while. If he does win on the other hand, I can see him becomeing Undertakers next victim, but I can only see Edge winning this match. As for the 30 man Royal Rumble this looks good. I wonder if this year, they will put Kane and Undertaker in close Numbers with each other, and get them in the ring with each other, they will diminate the ring, and then have to fight each other. Anway I dont know if they plan on Undertaker winning again this year, although it would be aawesome, and Id rather not see People like Batista, Snotsky and so on winning althopugh people like Umaga, and Finlay are in it and I dont mind them. Although AI would like to see Undertaker win this time I would like to see his brother Kane win. Over the past couple of months he has been buried by Big Daddy V and I think he is far too Underrated and so, would like to see him win and possibly go on to win a World Title even if it is the ECW Title. Crack On Kane, he should get it and win at WM he has lost last year to Khali so I dont think he should loose at WM Twice in a Row do you? Tell me what your prediction are, and what you think about mine?
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13 Jan 08
I wished I could see it. Sadly my only option is getting "sky sports" or paying "15gbps" just to watch the event. I can't really say either, I've only watched TNA as of late and I haven't seen wwe since they we're on channel four over here. ~Joey
13 Jan 08
I know what u mean, Im from UK, and I dont believe they were on Channel 4, in fact they were on Sky One.
13 Jan 08
I'm refering to "heat", channel four used to air the show. I always had a friend of mine tape the main events =)
15 Jan 08
Oh rite, I didn know they hd one.
• India
16 Jan 08
I like your predictions. I seem to agree with a few of your predictions. Chris Jericho Vs JBL - Chris Jericho obviously unless JBL does not come off with dirty tricks. Randy Orton Vs Jeff Hardy - I would simply love to see Jeff winning which he is capable of only if he breaks Randy totally. I would say this match can go any side. MVP Vs Ric Flair - Well, MVP wins because of his dirty tricks. Ric will not let that happen this time. I agree with you on this. Rey Mysterio Vs Edge - Well, I really cannot see Rey winning after what Edge did to win the title. The 30 man Royal Rumble Match - I would love to see HHH or Kane win this one.
• Saudi Arabia
14 Jan 08
Jeff x Orton: I guess Orton is closer to victory and honestly, i dont want 2 see Jeff a heavyweight champ and i dont cosider him walking into Wrestlemania 24 as the world champ is a marketing material. Jeff is talented but before Wrestlemania I'd rather keep Randy the champ then he may lose for instance to someone like Lashley, HHH or HBK and as a Wrestler Randy is much better than Jeff. Rey x Edge: I dont expect Rey to win the belt he may win the match but not the title and honestly i dont want him to. I prefer that Edge loses to the Undertaker at the next Wrestlemania. I don't wanna see Rey smackdown's world champion, this would be too overrated. MVP x Flair: Don't have something on my mind but maybe Flair loses this time although i dont want him to. The Rumble Match: If Lashley returned maybe he will win the Rumble but as for now I don't know, there are names like the Undertaker , Batista, HBK, Y2j, U never know.