Which is your favorite song of Naruto?

January 13, 2008 2:26pm CST
I do think that the mine is 'Haruka Kanata - Asian kung-fu generation'. And yours?
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@zaxeboy (19)
• Morocco
31 Jan 08
mine is GO from NARUTO SESON 4
• Poland
1 Feb 08
I think the best is song "Hero's come back"
• Philippines
7 Apr 08
i like nagareboshi by home made kazuko! i also like distance, the newest theme, and the home sweet home, i thinf it's in the ending theme. it's sounds damn good to hear.
• Indonesia
31 Jan 08
my favourite song is Haruka Kanata.
@welllll (117)
• Singapore
30 Jan 08
"Haruka Kanata" is my 3rd favorite song. 1st is opening 8 "Re:member" 2bd is opening 4 "Go"
@Darusman (21)
• Indonesia
28 Jan 08
Kanashimi wo Yashashisa ni, That's my choice for the best song in naruto
@Foukus (37)
• Lithuania
27 Jan 08
My fav is Ima Made Nando Mo - the ending don't actually remeber of what season. And Hinata vs. Neji theme is cool too! Love this one when I'm depressed or when need to create certain mood!) And of course, how without this one, the Wind, just love it, simple love ^.^
• China
26 Jan 08
i like WIND!!!because it's so sad..i like the piano intro.. and i also like Kanashimi wo Yasashisa Ni by little by little...i put it as my ringtone..lol
• Mexico
25 Jan 08
I almost done of listen tha song it was my favorite naruto opening but because i heard it a lot i dont like it any more now my favorite song is distance from naruto shippuden
@eliezl (763)
• Philippines
24 Jan 08
i love the Heroes Comeback its my cellphone ringback the tune is danceable ^_^
@mandoe (29)
• United States
22 Jan 08
My favorite song of naruto is the same exact one 'Haruka Kanata'
@emarie (5447)
• United States
18 Jan 08
I like the Heroes Comeback one. I like the beat and its a nice dance tune. It got me SOOOOO excited when watching the Naruto opening.
@dedenmz (38)
• Indonesia
17 Jan 08
I think my favorite is hound dogs,it really make me feel energetic.do you think?
• Brazil
16 Jan 08
My favorite is "Harmonia" It's an ending song and I think it's cute ^^
@calakarak (137)
• Australia
16 Jan 08
my favourite is the opening where naruto, shika, chouj, neji and kiba fight the sound 4 and kimimaro. the one where there running through the forest
@zealard (320)
• Philippines
14 Jan 08
I don't have favorite song but I really, really love to hear is their background music....It is the beat of drum and the sound of flute, while saying the word " Si So Si"... I've always hear that sound when they are in a mission, especially when they're fighting.....
• Philippines
14 Jan 08
my fave naruto ost is: Home Sweet Home by Yuki, it was the ending theme for Naruto Movie 1, and Nagareboshi by Home Made Kazoku, the ending theme for the Shippuuden season 1 (i think it's season 1 or 2?).
@mjweed21 (693)
• Philippines
14 Jan 08
THough, i don't understand its lyrics but I love it melody.
@vmoney (1)
13 Jan 08
haruka kanata is my favourite too