I have the funniest story to relate!

@corilat (182)
January 13, 2008 6:28pm CST
Well, at least now I can see the funny side of it. :) So this morning, Monday, I woke up at around 7.30am with the sound of my alarm. I was exhausted, but dragged myself out of bed, because I knew I had university to attend. I gulped down a cup of coffee, grabbed some quick breakfast, and rushed out the door. I normally take one tram (trolley I think it would be called in America), all the way to uni. It takes me about an hour to get there. As I got to the tram stop, I saw a tram just leaving, was a bit annoyed, but sat and waited for the next one. About half way through the journey, the driver informed us that the tram wouldn't be going on its normal route but would be turning at the next stop, due to some road work at the end of the line. We all hopped off and waited at least 5 minutes for another tram. By this time I was beginning to get a little more irritated. It was already 5 min. to 9, and my lecture started at 9am. I had especially woken up later, hoping to get to uni 15 min after my lecture officially started because the last few lectures had all begun late while we waited for everyone to turn up. I HAIT waiting, wasting time, without anything to do, so I took the liberty of sleeping in a bit extra. ;) (At the same time however, I also hate arriving late and missing out on important info!) I had worked it out so that I would arrive just as the lecturer would begin speaking. But of course with these delays, my little plan wasn't going to plan exactly. But ok, so I'd get there 5 or 10 minutes later, big deal. The next tram of course was packed, with so many people trying to get to work/study on time. - No where to sit. :( I stood there surrounded by sweaty passengers, with my heavy bag slumped over my shoulder, weighing me down. Not too long later, there was another announcement from this tram driver - the tram would be terminating early - due to construction work ahead! Getting really frustrated now!! Once again, everyone still on the tram all hopped off and boarded a bus that was supposed to be taking us the rest of the journey. On the bus there was a little old lady sitting right in front of me and near the driver, who was also feeling frustrated and decided to make everyone else's day as miserable as hers by complaining to the driver on the top of her lungs about how rude and unhelpful everyone was, how late she was, etc etc. The driver was very good about it, joking around with her and making us all laugh. Anyway, so finally I reach the nearest stop to uni, which was about a 10 minute walk since the bus couldn't go near the road work. I run onto campus, into a building, up a flight of stairs and into the lecture room....to find it empty! Why? I thought to myself. No! Did they all move somewhere else? How on earth am I going to find them? And then it hit me - today was Monday -- we didn't start classes till Tuesday this week!! Oh God!So now here I sit on a computer at uni telling over my story... I can't be bothered making the hour long journey home just yet.. ;) How stupid am I? Anyone ever had a day like this?
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