StarCraft 2

United States
January 13, 2008 8:05pm CST
What do you think should be in it? Plots, Units, Features ect.
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• Australia
22 Aug 09
I dont think blizzard will make starcraft 2 as balanced as starcraft 1. it seems there are much anticipation and many patches going through to make the game perfect, but still i dont know if they can do such a good kob on the second one. The protoss race is very unblanced. i think terran will stuggle most in SC@.. well thats my opinion... ^^! still cant wait.
@YangJoey (37)
• China
5 Apr 08
I just hope it will own the perfect balance as StarCraft1~~~
• United States
22 Feb 08
I just want to play it already!
@sirraps (89)
• Philippines
23 Jan 08
they still building it. I guess more new units, 3d features and special effect. The plot, all i know is about the Protoss and Terran. The Protoss are planning to eliminate both Human and Zerg according to Zeratul when he seek Jim Raynor. While the terran under Mengks are planning to control the whole galaxy and eliminate the rebels.
• Philippines
20 Jan 08
I'm not quite sure about the story line but I've checked their official website - it's so cool. Much of the structures return and some units too - like marines, zealots and almost all of the zerg creeps. There are new units too and I'm really excited about it. Its like Warcraft III - only high-tech. I think their working more on online like Warcraft DOTA or WOW. Battle.Net really is a good place to play.