Obsession of Baked Cashew Nuts.

@noyida (795)
January 13, 2008 10:00pm CST
Lately, I had an obsession of baked cashew nuts. I will keep stock of them at least 1 packet with me a day. I bought 5 packets whenever I go to the supermarket. One will be inside my handbag, one in the office drawer, 2 at home for standby and one on my workdesk. I find that my obsession of it had give me some craziness and I had not felt tired, throwing the nuts and munching them...doesnt somebody say about losing weight for their 2008 resolution. My colleague said I crazy and only made the company rich. I told her, its temporary, anyway, the staff at that factory need to feed their family too..lol.But its seems I had been hooked on it for more than a month. No days without baked cashew nuts for me. I dont take salted or sweet cashew nuts. Do you think I'm going nuts with this obsession? Does anyone else have any obsession on any kind of snack? Do you think I need to go "cold turkey" to be out of this phase of obsession?
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@writersedge (22577)
• United States
14 Jan 08
I think you need to be careful. On Jeopardy they asked the highest fat nut and I knew the answer. Cashews. They have a lot of calories in a handful. If you use this as a snack and include it in your calorie count, since you don't use salt or sugared ones, it should be ok. But if you eat too many and add to your calories too much, you could sabotage your weight loss efforts. No, you aren't going nuts. Nuts, in moderation, can add wonderful variety and excitement to a diet.
@brimia (6582)
• United States
14 Jan 08
Besides being high in fat, nuts are very good for you and a pretty healthy snack overall. If you're trying to lose weight, you might want to mix in some no-fat vegetable snacks and eat a little bit less cashews.
@squaretile (3831)
• Singapore
14 Jan 08
wow I must say you are getting a lot of protein from nuts then. I guess it might be a passing fad... but more than a month makes it sound like you are really eating a lot of these nuts. perhaps replace it with a healthier alternative like sunflower seeds? do they have those baked as well. cashew nuts are very heaty to me, and if I ate that much i would be down with a sore throat in no time. perhaps ease yourself bit by bit instead of going cold turkey all at once, you could get very upset with the sudden withdrawal of happy food!
• Philippines
14 Jan 08
there's nothing wrong about that is just you tired at work and maybe you don't eat in the right time.....
@4mymak (1793)
• Malaysia
14 Jan 08
baked cashewnuts... Yummy !! :-) i would understand the 'obsession'... but, is it normal for you to have such cravings.. have you had any other cravings before... if it is just a phase, i wont worry about. furthermore,... cashewnuts - are 'harmless', arent they? - i call it 'brain-food', keeps the brain working, the mouth goes on munching... didnt someone say eating nuts are actually good for you ??