How do you feel about the writer's strike

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January 14, 2008 2:12am CST
The writers strike has been going on for a few months now, and we are seeing the effects - from repeats of our favorite shows to the cancelation of the Golden Globes telecast to an influx of reality tv. I support the writer's strike and will continue to support it until they receive fair compensation for new media such as internet content and DVD sales. But, I'm sure not every one feels the same as I do. I'm planning to do a little write up about how viewers are feeling about the strike after the Golden Globes were canceled on my blog. All the responses I can get, the better. Are you in favor of the writers holding out until their requests are met? Do you think that the studios/producers are telling the truth when they say giving writers a cut of the money from internet content and DVD sales would hurt the industry as a whole? How important do you think the writers are to the tv/movie industries? What about the union? Is it helping or hurting the industry? Thanks for your responses.
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17 Jan 08
I think it sucks... but it is the price we have to pay (and I am willing to) for them to get what they need... I have acutally take this opportunity to watch other shows I may not have watched before so in turn those aren't reruns for me....