Dont think a Scam

January 14, 2008 3:30am CST
Hey guys i dont think as a Scam. They pays and also dont steal referres.
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17 Jan 08
I know for sure, that it pays out, i have received an awful lot of money from them, i have only just signed up to this site, and im not sure how it works, but hopefully, i will earn some money here :D I need the cash to be honest, i do a lot on the internet.
• United States
21 Jan 08
I have received my first cash out a couple weeks ago of $10. Currently I am awaiting a cash out of $100 that was requested last week. is not a scam. People are saying it is a scam because the payout time is so long (30 days for Premium and 60 days for normal.) They are a very trustable site. Good luck!
@luvstochat (6911)
• United States
17 Jan 08
I know alot of people are still saying it is a scam but I have been paid every time I requested a payment yes they do take a little while but hey at least they pay I just received a payment of $101 this week and now I have a $124 payment request waiting and I know I will get it I have faith in as they have been paying up till now I have received about $500 from the site so far and still making money.
@devon123 (26)
• India
17 Jan 08
yup .. very true
@CatVegas (709)
• United States
16 Jan 08
I'm a member of and I can say it isn't a scam at all...I have like 66 referrals..Not all are active, but I had just cashed out $65.00 on Jan 3rd...I have been paid 3 times before with no problems at all..The only thing is you have to a bit patient as it takes like 30 business days (not counting weekends) to get paid. With all the members now it might take a bit longer, but they do pay, and no they don't take referrals..If you lose any it might be because they were caught cheating or doing something wrong and they got banded from the site...
• Philippines
14 Jan 08
I am a member of this site. So far, I am close to my first request for payout. I hope that I can receive my payment. I think I have heard a lot of people that they have been paid so I trusted this site. I'll have to wait for my payment so I can personally say that I have been paid and the site is not a scam.