Is it True Love is not for all?

@subha12 (18449)
January 15, 2008 2:48am CST
I have herad it somewhere or read it , that Love is actually not for all. There are few people who are devoid of love for whole life. I have seen few like this. They are lonely and have never found true love. May be they are married forcefully, but still it is also without love. Do you believe that Love is not for all?
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@tonyllenium (6259)
• Italy
16 Jan 08
i think that love is for all and afterthat dpends about people,situations and conditions linked to it!!in reality i see a couple in real love very seldom!!wait i can count it such as i knew only 2couples in all my life who are really in love for eachothers!!the majority was not..and the major purposes linked ot love and marriage i see is economic conditions!!i think nowadays people tend to think about love forcely linked to money and material conditions and not feelings in itself!!!such as i saw many people like more money or economic conditions in a marriage than the people you will marry in itself!!so i think love as we can think is very difficult to find in life!!
@TerryZ (22082)
• United States
15 Jan 08
Hi subha I do believe that everyone should have their in their life. Everyone deserves to find that special someone and be happy. Without love we become a cold and lonely person.
@secretbear (19458)
• Philippines
15 Jan 08
love is for all and also true love is for all. but i guess, the true thing is, not everybody would find their true love in their lifetime. only those who truly believe, and those who are lucky find their true love. but one thing i want to believe is, if a person didn't find his/her true love in his/her lifetime, that person will be reborn and in the next lifetime, he/she will find his/her true love. ^__^