sense of earning money

January 15, 2008 12:47pm CST
hey i would like to request each and every member on my lot to share their view of what is the most important aspect for what they want to earn they earn money for their family,for urself,for ur future,and if something other. i earn money for my to secure my future and keep my provide my amily each and every comfort. thanks and bye
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@dudumodu (48)
• Israel
15 Jan 08
The best reason for wanting more money now and ultimately achieving financial freedom is one's family which is actually a cloak for all one's loved ones i.e it includes not only the nuclear family but also the extended one. As someone nicely put it, nobody has ever been kn own to regret on his deathbed the fact he had not spent more time in his office. They all come down regretting not having spent more time with their family. With more money, you not only spend more time with them but also make their lives easier. Dudumodu
@StereoDiva (2143)
• Canada
15 Jan 08
This is easy to answer. I earn to help provide for my family. Now, the money I make doesn't cover the bills, but it does help us pay our debt down faster and it also allows us to get a few extras. For instance, my oldest son has a speech delay. I was able to use money that I had made online to purchase a highly recommended book for parents of late talkers. Thanks for the great discussion and welcome to mylot.
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• Estonia
15 Jan 08
It is sad that so many things in a person's life depend on money, so I need to earn a lot in order to become independent of it. I wont to have as much money as it is required in order to live without thinking of it.
@babykeka80 (2089)
• United States
15 Jan 08
Money is important to me for the quality of life I can not only provide to my children but also my husband and I in the future. In order for us to be able to relax and have some luxuries and enjoy life to the fullest we need to earn extra money.
• India
15 Jan 08
i totally agree to u buddy.enjoy life.its a mere combination of serious,planning ,and various other phases
• Mexico
15 Jan 08
jeet2728... been a webmaster is a hobby for me. I like to promote/build websites, to help others.And if i have the chance to earn some money from what i like to just fine..i accept doing that... i don't earn big amounts ..but is an income