I'm shocked my husband hasn't killed himself with his new toy!

@missybal (4492)
United States
January 15, 2008 5:57pm CST
Okay...so everyone has problems with people using cell phones while driving. Well my husband is no problem with a cell phone because for the most part he uses his bluetooth. But my problem is his new GPS system. He's got one that isn't voice command. So he has to push buttons to find addresses or push the button for the screen to look for shopping centers. And he's pushing buttons and driving at the same time in heavy traffic. It does at least tell him when to turn once he has imput his destination, but he always sets it in motion. I've asked him a million times not to do it but he still does. Okay what is your bad habit while driving? How about your loved ones?
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@Liasonfan (1702)
• Canada
18 Jan 08
Yep, my 49 year old husband just bought himself a new (used) motorccle. He says he is going throughmale menopause and needs to feel young again. He fell off it alreafy once, because he bought such a huge one, and really wasn't sure how to use it. He say this spring he is going to get his liscence and he epects me to ride with him....not until you get alot more practise, experience, and insurance, buddy! So yes, I am shocked he hasn't killed himself with his new toy! Oh, and maybe, just maybe he should check out www.oldbastards.ca/lol
@angieang (262)
• United States
16 Jan 08
My worst driving habit would be when I dance crazily behind the wheel.. I know the trucker guys go crazy for it sometimes!! Also I don't ever buckle my seat beat until I started driving. ONe habit that bothers me most about others is how they rely solely on rearview mirrors!! COme on now people turn your head, thats why it's made to rotate!
@smacksman (6074)
16 Jan 08
Driving beyond the point where I'm getting sleepy! It is frightening! It is when you suddenly realise that you can't remember the last few miles or when trees start to jump out at you. Freaky! My wife has tried to kill me three times now by falling asleep at the wheel! The reason is that she won't sleep while I'm driving so she is fresh to take over and when the trees start jumping at me and she takes over she does well for a bit then crashes out - literally!!
@kazey901 (175)
• United States
16 Jan 08
My bad habit is smoking. I'm a clumsy smoker I guess you would say. And lighting one up is hard to do while driving as it is, but I take my time with it and still almost kill myself by dropping it while driving and trying to find it or not paying attention to the road while lighting it up. My husbands is the cell phone. He always answers it and never hangs up unless he's getting off an exit and then he's right back on it. He doesn't have a blue tooth but I'm about go splurge on one if he doesn't stop talking all the time while driving!
• United States
16 Jan 08
Mine talks on his phone all the time while driving. And even though he is good at it, it still makes me nervous. I completely refuse to do this. I had a friend who couldn't talk and drive. I was riding with her one day and she was just chatting away and she almost ran off the road. I told her to just shut up and drive lol. I really don't know what bad habits I have while driving. I know I get paranoid really easy while driving.