Loneliness? And who you blame for it?

@magica (3709)
January 16, 2008 3:02am CST
Well, i want to ask the lonely people who think that the most important thing in their life is to be in couple. Do you blame somebody for your loneliness? Yourself, your parents, the ex-partner, the men/women generally? And what are you doing to overcome this Bermudian triangle of blamings?
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• Philippines
23 Jan 08
I believe that happiness comes from within. We should not depend on other people to make us happy or worse blame them for our happiness. A shift in perspective about life could sometimes alleviate our loneliness. Smile and the world smiles back at you.
• Philippines
23 Jan 08
I suppose to mean "blame them for our unhappiness"... sorry for the mistake:)
@dudumodu (48)
• Israel
19 Jan 08
I hope you do recognise the line between being alone and being lonely.As said by one respondent,nobody should ever feel lonely.This is true to the extent that God is always with us. Being alone offers us moments of looking inwards to truly understand ourselves.If you get attached to others to the point of never being alone, then you are sure to find yourself longing for aloneness sometimes.I personally sometimes feel a desire to shut out the world for like three days as a way of refreshing my view of life and attaining a new verve in my relationship with people. If you do feel lonely, however, I feel that the best therapy is to remind yourself that at that very moment there are many others feeling the same way ,that many of those people are quite near to you and that you can brighten up one such life by reaching out:give and it shall be given unto you. If you are hopelessly lonely for a long strech of time, then there is only one person to blame and that is you.First, it means you do not like yourself enough to enjoy your own company and that constitutes blaming your creator.Secondly, it means you are refusing to carry out the divine assignment of that moment, viz to step out there and make somebody happy. dudumodu
@honeylore23 (1084)
• United States
16 Jan 08
I am a loner but not lonely. I don't think somebody would stay lonely for a long time. if there is, there is nothing to be blame of, only their selves. It would be just normal to be lonely at times because it is imposed on us by circumstances beyond our control, like when you have nobody to talk with, nobody to rely on, but one must overcome, try to overcome loneliness. Try to get companion with other people. In one of the book i read, it says there that "Hunger warns you that you need food. Loneliness warns you that you need companionship, closeness, intimacy. But this doesn't mean, we need a husband or a wife, to get a companion. It may mean a new friend that you might think a good companion.
@raijin (10371)
• Philippines
16 Jan 08
I am still single, but I do not blame anyone of my situation because this is what I prefer to be as of the moment. I believe that there are still some things that I want to enjoy in life being alone, the freedom and comfort of not being on a commitment that'd make some of these moments limited. For some reasons, I still have to learn to adjust living a lonely but free life to sharing it with my special someone..
@lorelai (1558)
• Italy
16 Jan 08
I have a boyfriend for a long time now but I remember that I hated being alone. I was alone for about a year after a break up with a boy that I really loved...well I thought I loved him because I was really young then. Anyway, I was crying a lot in that period and I felt like everybody had someone except me and the feeling was horrible. I talked a lot to some other single freinds but that made me feel even worst. Now sometimes I feel like being single, I mean, when I have a fight with my boyfriend sometimes I really feel like; what the hell I need all this for!!! I know that human hart is impossible to satisfy.
@bhappy2 (327)
• Australia
16 Jan 08
I am divorced and live alone but I am not lonely. I am not the kind of person who thinks they are not complete without a partner and in relationship. I have many friends and a very active life socially and I really am enjoying my life. I think people have to be able to enjoy their own company and have a good relationship with themselves before they start trying to have one with someone else.