Do you own a dog? If yes, what breed?

January 16, 2008 6:17pm CST
I simply love dogs. They are naughty, loving, adorable and can be a pain at times. But altogether they are worthy to be loved. I own a female British Cocker Spaniel. She is the queen of our house. What breed of dog do you know? Tell me more about it.
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@dta_kitty (192)
• India
19 Jan 08
Hey Buttercup, we have a German shepherd.Not all that cute looking.He is big,black about 4 years old.He is the most faithful dog.I named him spiky because when he was a puppy ,his hair always stood up like spikes.He used to sleep on the bed with my brother.My brother got so close to him.One day we found our brother missing and finally found him sleeping with spiky in the sand.He didn't even realize that he slept off.Though he looks scary, he wouldn't hurt a fly.He warns us about stuff like strangers,people trying to enter the house etc.The most amazing thing is that, so many times he found live snakes inside our compound.He would bark,call us and take us to where the snake is and wait till we kill it.We're finding a mate for him :)
• India
21 Jan 08
Hey! Who said German Shepherds are not cute? I had one too and must say that they are adorable! I love the name Spiky. Hope he finds a beautiful mate. :)
• Philippines
17 Jan 08
We have a shih tzu here at home, Her name is Patty. She will be pregnant soon, went to the doctor two times already.. I want to have a terrier too, or a basset hound :) They're so cute and they are helpful too.
• India
17 Jan 08
Awww...That is so cute. I pray Patty has her babies soon and safely. My Spaniel lost all her 3 babies long back and after that we did not try breeding her. She wil be 8 years coming August. I would love to have a Golden Retriever, St. Benard and a Lab Retriever. :)
@zubairsk (341)
• India
17 Nov 09
I like dogs very much,they are very cute to see.I have two dogs at home and it is 5years old and i love it very much.Every day i take care about these dogs and about their food and diet.I usually watch in TV different types of dogs.Whenever i went outside i will keep a chain around its neck and it is a safe place.Dogs look very naughty,cute,funny and pretty looking.
• Sweden
2 Mar 09
I have 2 Chinese Crested naked girls. They are 2 little "apes", butI love them more then its helthy for me (and them). My nest dog will be a miniature Bullterrier, to keep the balance in the family