Rooting for the sweet Texan farm guy

January 18, 2008 4:00am CST
So there are going to be hundreds if not thousands of discussions on the new seventh season of American Idol. But what I wanted to say was the sweet Texan farm chap called Drew really won my heart! He's got the most charming smile, and the most gentlemanly manners. I mean ok, his voice is not the best of them all, and he will probably get kicked out in the first round once he reaches hollywood, but the thing about american idol that i love is that it shows us ordinary plain american folk that are not just those from Hollywood or Capitol Hill. And a glimpse into his farm life, how the flight to hollywood will be his first plane ride in all his 24 years, and to see his folksy earthy parents talking so proudly about how he loves to sing... in some ways it reminds me of the cowboy with the huge hat who used to sing to his turkeys. He was cute too, but in a very child like way. I hope Drew enjoys himself! Who is your favourite contestant so far? Did you catch the audition rounds? I like Paula in straight hair too!
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