Peaceful Solution of terrorists activities.

January 18, 2008 6:59am CST
We are inventing new techniques to solve our problems, to fulfill our desires, to make our life more comfortable. Are anybody in this planet is thinking a practical solution to the terrorists activities. I think only spiritual education, real love to all and afterall engaging with religious activities may bring permanent peace.
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@uath13 (8204)
• United States
18 Jan 08
These guys ARE engaging in religious activities & trying to spiritually educate US. Their religious fanatics. If we were of that faith we'd call them martyrs but since we're not we call them terrorists. Until that ultimate power makes him/themselves known to everyone on a grand & global scale & forces all religions to unite this will continue. So long as mankind has freewill there will be no peace. Someone's always going to try to get ahead at the expense of others or try to impose their views on someone else.
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• India
5 Feb 08
I am afraid I disagree strongly on the subject. It is impossible to solve terrorism. Its nothing but a new type of warfare. To think of a world free of conflicts i impossible and as long as there are conflicts there will be war. Terrorists are also warriors of their cause good or bad. Without conflicts in this world and everything peacefull is a situation which can be described as eutopia and is unattainable. Just Imagine all prophets combined of all religion could not solve this. But if you read Gita you can understand this is nothing but a part of eternal cycle where good co-exists with bad.