love or attraction

@24111983 (109)
January 18, 2008 10:00am CST
please tell me what's the diffence between love and attraction..? what are the sign? how would one's feel? etc........ i have never fall in love, but ya i can say there are few girls towards whom i get attracted.
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@diillu (5121)
18 Jan 08
Well, there's huge difference between love and attraction. Though I would say that love starts with a simple attraction. But attraction will soon be over if you see someone other better or good looking than that person. And you will start to day dream about the another hot loking person. But when it comes to love, then you will be never be over that person.
@24111983 (109)
• India
20 Jan 08
that is quite explanative answare, but how can u say that, have u ever been fall in love......?