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@fianne (1058)
United States
January 18, 2008 11:05am CST
at first, i think of my father as someone who is strong. he leads our family and works for us. he decides on things with the respect of my mother's decision too after they have talked things and problems. but eventually, my father lost his job as an auxiliary police because wounds on his face started growing and it even bleeds. he has a lupus disease. they had check up with a doctor and he diagnosd it of lupus discoid disease and said that your kids can have your disease too, but that is a small chance and if they cannot have your disease, eventually your kids' next generation can have it. he was advised to take medications, stop smoking and don't stay under the heat of the sun and near fire. my father cried. it was the first time i saw him cry, i felt like my father is weak too but it has to be US his family as the REASONS for his weakness. well my father was transferred to another job and was assigned in an office work when the administration knew of his condition. i love my father very much. do you have stories about your father?
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• Kuwait
18 Jan 08
Oh my goodness im sorry to hear that, i hope that your father get well soon... father play their best to be the strongest person in the family which is supposed to be.. but of course they have feelings too. they are human with feelings and worries which though they dont want to show to entire family the weakness but sometimes we cannot avoid it.,and it shows, your father need care and love and more support from you,,and the entire family... my father has his own story that makes him cry too.
@Thoroughrob (11747)
• United States
18 Jan 08
I had always thought of my father as strong too. It was not until my sister was killed in a car accident that I ever seen my dad cry. He fell apart, for the next couple of years, I seen a part of my dad, that I had never seen before.
@angieang (262)
• United States
18 Jan 08
All fathers cry, even if you don't see it! The only time I can remember my father crying was when we had the discussion about my parents divorce. That was a day that will live in my head forever, although we still have a strong relationship.