how much do you earn online a day?

January 18, 2008 12:03pm CST
i earn 0.5$ a day.........
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@munhozmib (3840)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
21 Jun 08
Hello, Joseanand! I am glad that you manage to earn fifty cents a day! It is a fine amount to earn, and with this you'll go far! All you need then are referrals, isn't it? Well, I used to earn something like 30 cents a day, sometimes more and sometimes less. It only depends on how much effort you put on it. If you try hard, you can earn great amounts! Respectfully, Munhozmib.
@chiyosan (30213)
• Philippines
19 May 08
i try to make a dollar a day. sometimes less here in mylot... but i have morachat too.. but earnings never go higher than 1 dollar per day. :(
• Philippines
22 Jan 08
Since, I am really busy all day, because of school and doing projects and all that, I just earn .03 a day.. it also depends how much time I spend in Mylot. There are times I don't get to post anything because of things I have to do in real life. Sux,huh..
• New Zealand
20 Jan 08
my earning here varies from day to day.It depends on how much you have participated and posted your views ...highest i got is about 28 cent ..and lowest i 1 cent and if in between i do not post anything then no earning at all...cheers
@shahsazz (84)
• Aruba
19 Jan 08
I was have another id where i could earn .20 in a day.
@Fidget (291)
18 Jan 08
I only earn a few cents here and there but I'm only just starting out.
@shakeroo (3990)
• Malaysia
18 Jan 08
It depends. Sometimes I only get about $0.01 and sometimes I can get more than $10. So, what do you do that give you 50 cents a day? would you like to share it with us here?