why do people lie ?

January 18, 2008 11:37pm CST
i have found in my life that friends arent friends at all, 99 percent of them have lied to me in a big way and that has ended the friendship there and then. i may tell little white lies, but i am absolutely no good at outright lying. why do they do it, well in my experience of people they do it to gain something from it. my brother is a perfect example, he lies to my dad about money all the time and never pays him back, he pretends that he has no money and so dad bumps him up a little. i have always said keep your friends close and your enemies closer and youll come out on top. it takes me quite a while to even open up to someone about myself because i am cautious of people,they always want something. in the workplace i have lost really good jobs because employees and employers have lied to me and kept stringing me along with the same old rubbish of we'll see how it goes. then the next monday i come in the guy that was working next to me is in the managers office, out playing golf with him and enjoying the salary that i worked so hard for. i am not a bitter person, but i am a cautious one at that, all i am saying is watch out for people who try to take advantage of you in life.
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@zenmachado (1619)
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19 Jan 08
I think when you consider the root of it, all it boils down to, is selfishness. Its a self indulgent concept, to lie so that your purpose will be highlighted.. maybe its just wanting to deflect embarassment or being greedy, in the end I believe it always returns, simply to selfishness.
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19 Jan 08
i think that people that lie alot are usually selfish people and want nothing else but for themselves. you are right in thinking that way, the thig i dont get, how can these people have friends, when they treat their friends that way? yeah treat everyone else like that, but some people lie and decieve friends and family.