I am a very bad liar...

January 19, 2008 1:12am CST
what are your thoughts on lying? this is what i wrote about year ago... “Be Honest…Even if others are not…Even if others cannot…” These words were emblazoned on a tarpaulin poster at a fast food chain that I saw recently. The poster was a product of a group of Christian businessmen for a campaign on honesty that they started. And they are publicizing this slogan all over the city. I thank God for their efforts to encourage people to be honest. I am glad for this campaign because these very words echo my convictions on honesty and keeping one’s integrity in all my dealings in this world. With passion, I put high value on honesty in my everyday life—whether at home, talking to friends, or with business matters. Even in trivial matters, I make sure that honesty is upheld. I have a confession to make. All my life I had been a very bad liar. When I was six years old and in my first grade, my mom caught me lying about where my packed lunch went, which I actually exchanged for my classmate’s junk food or toy, I can’t remember which. It was because I wasn’t given lunch money but was instead made to bring the food prepared at home. Although my lunch bag contained nutritious goodies that I could never buy at the canteen, but as a child, I was interested in other things more than my mom’s homemade treats. And I remember vividly that when my mom found out what I did, I was punished pretty badly. As far as I can recall, I seldom lied because of the risk of getting caught. And for the times that I did, I got found out most of the time. Maybe I am just a bad liar, or that God doesn’t want me to pursue lying (white lies—if ever these are real—included), so I was never given the opportunity to develop a skill in lying (thank heavens!). Yes, for me, lying is a skill, and a skill that I don’t have. Not that I have regrets. So for me it was always either tell the truth or not do anything that I would have to lie about, especially to my parents. I would always tell my parents where I was going and if I’m not given permission, I would rather not go. I was pretty scared to lie for fear of getting caught by my parents and getting an earful of scolding. This practice went on throughout my student life. How is it with you? What are your thoughts on lying.??/ take care and have a blessed day! :-)
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@zenmachado (1619)
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19 Jan 08
It is not correct nor healthy to lie. It really just covers aspects of our selves that we are afraid to face. We need to be completely open with ourselves and gain a correct conviction with our selves, so that we can always be open and honest. Plus, if we keep from being deceitful, it will leave our actions clean, and assure that we will never find our selves regretful over past wrong things said or done.