How to handle an ex-boyfriend?

@piatos03 (395)
January 19, 2008 3:03am CST
My friend has this ex. They broke up at around October or November because the guy was physically abusing her whenever he thinks that she's even so much as looking at another guy or whenever someone looks at my friend. Anyway, the relationship has been long over but the guy is still pursuing my friend. But we handled that part pretty well already. My friend has a new boyfriend now who treats her a whole lot better. The thing is, the ex really just wouldn't give up. He still calls and text messages her all the time and sometimes even shows up randomly at her house. It's a good thing the new bf is really understanding. The ex loves her so much that he just doesn't ever want to lose her, but we're so tired of him already. The girl was literally black and blue. The problem we have now is with my friend's ipod. It's with the ex and she really wants it back. She never gave it to him. He borrowed it one time but he won't return it unless it's just the two off them together and we don't want that to happen because of what he might do to her. We've already tried texting his friends to help us, but there's nothing we can do. Any advice you can give would really help us. Thank you!
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@Angela34 (102)
• United States
19 Jan 08
Let him keep the ipod! Tell your friend that she can always get another one. Ignore the ex and move on with her life. Whats more important? Her ipod or her saftey?
@piatos03 (395)
• Philippines
19 Jan 08
I don't get why she loves that ipod so much either. Must be for sentimentality reasons. That's all she's been talking about lately and she's going crazy wanting to get it back.