The world

January 19, 2008 10:58am CST
Don't you think, that we destroy the planet ? Don't you think that we don't respect anyone and anything ?
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• Indonesia
19 Jan 08
I agree with you. We..human was the one who coz all the damage in this earth. We exploited the planet without think about something to give back. And I also agree that as a human being we have lost our sense of humanity. We turn to be worst from animal. Even sometimes we act and think worst than an animal. But in the other hand,if a human can realize that is ourself that coz everything, they should think that they can do something about it. Human have a lots ofgive more than other creature, in this modern era we can make or build or make things. Just maybe we should take responsibilities for what we did. And start to make a change. I think we still have time if we want to make it right
• South Africa
19 Jan 08
Humans will be the ones to destroy the earth. It wont be a commit or any other natural disaster. The sun wont exploide before we kill ourselves off. We will probably blow everyone up with nukes or just pollute the earth until it cannot sustain any human life anymore. We ware our own worst enemy.