Are live in relationship better than marriage?

@r0ck_r0ck (1953)
January 19, 2008 9:23pm CST
as per my personal opinion, i don believe in live in relationships. But then live in relationships do have their benefits. living relationships can helpa person to decide whether he can spend his whole life with a particular person or not. many ppl end up marrying a wriong person and then cry for the whole life. after all we have only one life to live and we shd live it to the fullest. But yes, as u said, having a child after livin relationships can be detrimental for the child. one shd not go for such life long resposibilities from livin relationships. livin relationships can be a prerequisite to maariage but not an ultimate aim. once a person realizes that he is compatible with his mate, marriage should be the next step. i think. ;)
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@Hatley (164237)
• Garden Grove, California
18 Apr 08
I really do not think relationships are better than marriage as they have just taken the idea of being engaged one further step and from a lot of posts here the relationships are almost vaporus in their short length. At least in marriage people usually stay together more than three or four weeks plus in legal things a marriage makes much more sense specially where you have children concerned.I know I am totally old fashioned but that is my own take on the subject.
• India
20 Jan 08
no i believe in live relationship. marriege is all abt barriors. llllllolllllllll